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Data Security DB-6000

Data Security DB-6000
Data Security DB-6000
  • Model: DB-6000

Key Features:

  • Meets National Security Agency (NSA) and Department of Defense (DoD) compliance guidelines for the physical damage of media.
  • Meets NSA/DoD requirements for emergency destruction procedures.
  • Accommodates multiple hard drives simultaneously for fast destruction (up to 3,600 per hour).
  • Choice of manual or drill-powered operation.
  • Ambidextrous handle adjusts for left or right-handed users.
  • Built to last; indestructible ram requires no preventative maintenance or expensive repairs
  • Compact and lightweight; ideal for on-site or mobile destruction.

Open the door, insert the media, and rotate the ergonomic handle (interchangeable for right or left-handed use) to begin the crushing process. The indestructible ram descends with a force exceeding 60,000 psi which bends, folds, and crushes the delicate platters and circuitry of the drive, rendering it unusable. For greater performance and speed, convert to drill-powered mode. Simply remove and stow the handle, attach the supplied bit adapter and cordless drill to power the unit (drill not included).


The DB-6000 is designed with safety in mind. A safety lock toggles to limit operation to one power source at a time. The transparent, shatterproof safety door allows the user to monitor the damaging process while being protected from flying debris. The DB-6000 includes a convenient debris collection tray for quick and safe clean up.


No AC electricity is required. The DB-6000 provides flexibility by allowing the operator to choose from two power sources: an effortless handle or cordless drill.


The chamber of the DB-6000 accepts a wide variety of media up to 4” (102 mm) by 6” (152 mm) by 2” (51 mm). Due to this larger chamber size, thinner laptop drives (up to 8) can be stacked in the chamber and damaged simultaneously, resulting in greater time efficiency


Department of Defense magnetic media sanitization regulations require the use of an approved degausser, at minimum. In addition, they recommend degaussing be followed by physical damage prior to disposal. For complete compliance, pair the DB-6000 with a degausser listed in the National Security Agency’s Evaluated Products List-Degausser.


For greatest performance and speed, remove and stow the handle. Insert the supplied drive-bit adaptor into a rechargeable cordless drill and pair with one of two drive connectors (ergonomically positioned for the left or right-handed user). Utilizing the power of a cordless drill, operators can quickly and easily damage a high volume of media in a short amount of time.

The DB-6000 is Built to Destroy Multiple Hard Disk Drives During a Single Cycle

half-height hard drive 1

third-height hard drive 2

3/4” laptop hard drive 4

1/2” laptop hard drive 8