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Hard Disk Drive and Tape Security

What is degaussing?

Degaussing is the process of reducing or eliminating an unwanted magnetic field (information) stored on tape and disk media. Tape media is defined as any medium (reel, cassette) that contains magnetic tape as the recording medium. Disk media is defined as any medium (flexible disk, disk packs, sealed disk packs, hard disk drives, laptop drives, disk platters) that contains a disk as the recording medium. The correct use of a properly selected degausser will ensure that information is no longer retrievable.

Benefits of degaussing

Organizations need to avoid making headlines due to stolen media, improperly overwritten hard drives or poorly erased media. Implementing the right degausser solution for your organization will help protect your data from accidental release.

Degausser Benefits
  • Meet NSA requirements for sanitization of classified information
  • Guarantee removal of data from magnetic media so that no known exploitation method can retrieve data from it.
  • Minimize security risks associated with storing excess classified magnetic storage media.
  • Minimize the amount of classified information and associated accountability
  • Easily sanitize unclassified media contaminated with classified information.
  • Easily downgrade classification of classified media.
  • Dispose of classified media quickly and in-house.
  • Avoid costs and loss of revenue associated with stolen storage media.

o Reduce the cost of storing Hard Disk Drives that can now be erased and then recycled.

  • Reduce risk.

o Remove damaging emails, company proprietary information, customer profiles, and financial data to reduce exposure and risk of compromising proprietary information.
o Prevent the retrieval of company information by data recovery services or software.

  • Save time and money.

o Reduce the amount of time and labor resources required to overwrite the information or destroy the magnetic media.
o Eliminate merging client information by degaussing backup tapes before reuse.
o Reduce the cost of storing Hard Disk Drives that can now be erased and then recycled.
Guarantee protection from:
o Dumpster Divers
o Media loss during transport
o Employee theft

Which degausser does your organization require?

Our security professionals can assist you in identifying the best technology to safeguard information stored on magnetic media (such as computer hard drives, laptops, server drives, back-up tapes, audio tapes, etc.). We can help you understand liabilities associated with using improper media sanitization techniques and guide you to an ideal solution.
Our goal is to provide useful information to help you identify simple solutions that are fast, affordable and guarantee your information is secure. Let us help you understand the benefits of degaussing, current security guidelines and regulations, compliance requirements, and the latest procedures from the Australian Government’s Information Security Manual (ISM)

NSA Evaluated Hard Drive Degausser

The most important feature of any degausser is its ability to completely and uniformly erase the data from a hard disk drive. Degaussers listed in the National Security Agency's Evaluated Products List-Degaussers (NSA EPL-D) are ideal tools for compliance with Department of Defence and Federal Government requirements for Information Technology Security.
Our range of degaussers are tested and approved by the National Security Agency (NSA) to sanitize classified information from magnetic storage media. The results are proven…never implied. Let us help you identify the best hard drive degausser for your operation.