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Kobra SSD-HS


Kobra SSD is a solid state drives/devices shredder capable of destroying Solid State Drives, Solid State SIM Cards, CAC ID, EMV Credit Cards, Magnetic Strip Card, Flash Drives, Circuit Boards, Enterprise Solid State Drives, Cell Phones, Tablets, USB Pen Drives, CDs/ DVDs, Blu-Ray Discs, USB memory devices, credit cards and ID cards with embedded electronic chip and/or magnetic media, flash memory IC chips, CPU chips with internal ROM and/or flash memory. Shredded material is reduced to sand-like texture particles.

Kobra SSD has been approved by NSA and meet the requirements of NSA/CSS Specifications for Solid State Devices Distruction. Kobra SSD is equipped with an integrated internal state-of-the-art vacuum system with an HEPA air filtration system to insure a clean, safe and comfortable operating environment. The air filtration system continuously transports air from different areas inside the machine including the feed port and filters the air through a HEPA filter to capture and contain any harmful materials used in the manufacturing of ICs. kOBRA SSD is supported by heavy duty lockable, double wheel casters for maximum mobility in the work area.

Easy access 240x25 mm feed port is designed with a safety brush covering the complete opening for safety and ease of feed operation. Lockable feed hopper cover prevents unauthorized access to the contents of the hopper once material is fed into the machine.

Features on the Kobra SSD include electronic safety lock out and shut down monitoring systems for bin access door, bin full system with light signal, air filtration system access door and feed hopper, automatic reverse in case of accidental jam, two stage destruction operation with a large 7.5 inch diameter 16 blade grinders second stage for complete and reliable destruction, lighted indicator displays to keep the operator informed of machine’s operating status, front mounted large lockable emergency stop switch for safety. 30x30 cm large, high output, exit screen.

Electronic monitoring system continuously adjusts the operation of both stages for reliable synchronous operation. Standard Hour Meter helps the operator keep accurate maintenance records.

Please note the Kobra SSD is designed specifically for solid state devices PCBs, credit cards, DVDs and CDs. Shredding of other materials will damage the unit. Output may vary depending on size and density of devices and supply voltage. The Kobra SSD is the perfect device for solid state destruction applications backed by Kobra’s over 30 years of experience in manufacturing of multimedia destruction equipment. 

Throat width:240 x 25 mm
Shred size:Sand-like texture particles
Security level (preview)(E-7)
Security Level ISO/IEC 21964 (DIN 66399):O-7 T-7 E-7 Meets NSA/CSS Solid State Disintegrator Specifications.
Capacity:up to 40 Kg/hour
Shreddable materials:Solid State Drives, Solid State SIM Cards, Flash Drives, Circuit Boards, Enterprise Solid State Drives, Cell Phones, Tablets, USB Pen Drives, USB memory devices, flash memory IC chips, CPU chips with internal ROM and/or flash memory, CD/DVD/Blu-ray disks*
Waste bin capacity:35 liters
Voltage:380-415 Volt / 50-60 Hz
Weight:570 Kg
Power:5,0 Kw
Dimensions (WxDxH):103 x 82 x 121 cm
Note:*when mixed with other storage devices