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Data Security CR-4KR

Data Security CR-4KR
Data Security CR-4KR
  • Model: CR-4KR
  • Support existing security procedures to meet 
    NSA/CSS and DoD requirements for the destruction of information on solid-state memory.
  • Open smartphones, tablets, and solid-state media to harvest memory-containing circuit boards for secure destruction.
  • Safely separate batteries to prevent thermal events.


The CR-4KR© features an indestructible ram and simple, push-button operation. A load meter guides the operator in achieving the optimal amount of breakage (enough pressure to release the circuit board without over-crushing to an extent when the battery becomes a fire risk). 

The CR-4KR© accommodates common solid-state media types, dimensions, and casing materials.

The interlocking safety door protects the operator from flying debris and a set of handheld pry tools are provided for minor finish work. Operators are advised to wear puncture-resistant gloves and safety glasses (not included).


Get a return on your investment: use of the CR-4KR© will eliminate unnecessary wear and tear on the grinding components of your destruction device, thus reducing breakdowns and extending the lifespan of that equipment.


E-waste is filled with valuable precious metals and recyclable components. The CR-4KR© efficiently opens this media to speed up the sorting process for easy recycling.