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Kobra Shredders Australia supply the world’s leading brands and the widest range of high security electronic information disposal equipment. Kobra Shredders Australia are the sole and exclusive distributors of Data Security Inc, Kobra (Italy) and Gigabiter USA in Australia and New Zealand; We offer the largest range of Government approved degaussers, solid state disintegrators and shredders.

Data Security Inc. is the world's leading manufacturer of high security degaussers and disintegrators that are NSA Evaluated and Listed which is recognised and approved for use by Australian Government Departments and Agencies.

Kobra is one of the largest paper shredders manufacturers and is a specialist and leader in the area of High Security and Top Secret shredders of paper and optical media for Governments around the world, and now manufactures the SSD-HS NSA Evaluated and Listed solid state disintegrator.

Gigabiter USA owns and manufactures highly specialized, proprietary technology that destroys digital assets making data destruction secure, compliant and absolute. It supplies the highest volume solid state disintegrator that is NSA Evaluated and Listed